Make your Harley Davidson ride even better with Hyperpro Suspension!

Since the first years when Hyperpro started to develop suspension solutions for motorcycles, we have Harley Davidson in our program. We know that the thrill of riding a Harley is not only about the technical specs of the bike. It’s a way of life! We can make that life easier. Just by improving your suspension.

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Hyperpro has had Harley-Davidson (and more recently Indian Motorcycle) model-specific suspension applications in its line-up ever since the company began in business in 1993.
Hyperpro is offering suspension products in different levels, all made of the highest quality materials and meets the highest demands of the rider. This to make the bike ride even more comfortable, easier to brake, more easy to corner and way more comfortable with a passenger or luggage.


For Harley Davidson Sportster, Dyna, Touring, VRSC, XR and STREET models we offer:

Front fork spring sets:

Hyperpro_Springkit_v01 (1024x683)

Hyperpro offers rising rate progressive fork springs. Together with the specially formulated oil that is included in the set, we create a better controlled suspension system, which results in a much more comfortable feeling while riding on the straight and while cornering. It is all about confidence and consistent, reliable and predictable response.

Rear spring sets:

twinset black

Our rising rate progressive rear spring sets can be mounted on the original shocks for a hugely noticeable and immediate improvement. Due to the rising rate design of the springs, they also give a comfortable feeling in all conditions and riding circumstances, from the wet to the dry, solo, two-up, with or without luggage, the spring rate will automatically adjust for every need of the suspension.
Together with a set of progressive front fork springs, it gives the bike it’s needed balance and much more stability, with or without luggage, and with or without passenger.

To offer the best suspension solution for your Harley, Hyperpro offers two types of shock absorbers. Depending on the model, we can supply different lengths. Next to the original length, Hyperpro offers the shocks in some inches longer or shorter, to rise or lower your bike. Important to us is to keep the bike ride-able!
All Hyperpro shocks are being Quality Controlled on a Dyno bench and have an unique ID which is filed in the Hyperpro archives. Al parts are being CNC machined in our own production facility in the Netherlands.


Type 360


The Type 360 is an emulsion shock with a rebound adjuster to find your best damping setting for comfort in 50 clicks! Mechanical preload adjuster is included. It is also equipped with a Hyperpro rising rate progressive spring.


Type 367


The Type 367 shock is a beautifully designed shock absorber, which not only looks great, but also has a very functional design. It has a 50 clicks rebound adjuster, which you can easily reach and adjust. With the adjusters on the reservoir you can adjust the compression damping on both high- and low speed, to get the best damping setting for you and your bike! Mechanical preload adjuster is included. The shocks are equipped with a Hyperpro rising rate progressive spring.




Steering Dampers:
Some of the HD models can be mounted with a steering damper to avoid unwanted movements of the bike.


Ian King 12 copyright Ivan Sansom and Rose Hughes

Front Fork:
The Hyperpro R&D Team managed to develop a right side up front fork with all modern technology inside.

front website

This high spec Front Fork sets a new level on suspension adjustment on conventional front fork damping. The fork features rebound adjustment, high -and low speed compression adjustment, the use of a rising rate spring and a lot of technical features inside to make the fork work as smooth and perfect as possible.

RRC FXD-R HD Dyna Street Bob
RRC FXD-R HD Dyna Street Bob

The H49 front fork is developed as a direct replacement for Harley Davidson 49mm applications and offers the following main features:
-progressive springs with adjustable preload
-rebound adjustable
-Hi- and low speed compression adjustable
-Fits original HD-wheel and axle

Available in full black with DLC coated inner stanchions.

Hyperpro H49 flyer

For more info about our Harley Davidson product lines, please contact us at, check on our website here, or contact your local dealer or distributor. Click here! for your nearest contact


INTERMOT NEWS: Hyperpro BMW ESA Shock absorber

The Dutch Suspension specialists from Hyperpro introduced their brand new Hyperpro BMW ESA shock absorbers for all BMW R1200GS and R1200GS Adventure models till 2013, equipped with the BMW ESA system. Suitable for both WP and Showa systems.


As these motorcycles get older, the OEM shock absorbers will show some issues where a replacement is needed.  Issues like non-functioning ESA adjustment as a result of a damaged adjustment motor, too soft springs, lack of damping or other needs of the rider, should be solved.

Hyperpro ESA R1200GS (A) 2008-2013 shock set


Hyperpro is offering a serviceable front and/or rear shock, using the 460 emulsion damper as a basis. The shocks are equipped with a stronger ESA stepper motor, waterproof connectors, an improved damping setting, a progressive black or purple spring and is “plug and play” to connect to the BMW ESA system. The Hyperpro ESA shocks make use of the original preload adjustment.


This solution is offering the rider a better balanced bike which is more stable and comfortable to ride as a solo rider or as two up rider with or without luggage.

Price will be 899,- euro ex VAT per shock 

Find the correct partnumber in the sheet below:

MODEL year reference info
R 1200 GS (Front) ESA, SHOWA Shock 7-Jul-10 BM12+0EBSXHS replaces OEM shock  7 707 358 / USE OEM ESA HPA
R 1200 GS (Rear) ESA, SHOWA Shock 7-Jul-10 BM12-0EBSXHS replaces OEM shock  7 707 359/ USE OEM ESA HPA
R 1200 GS (Front) ESA, WP Shock July10-12 BM12+0EBSXHW replaces OEM shock  7 728 208/ USE OEM ESA HPA
R 1200 GS (Rear) ESA, WP Shock July10-12 BM12-0EBSXHW replaces OEM shock  7 728 209/ USE OEM ESA HPA
R 1200 GS Adventure (Front) ESA, SHOWA Shock 7-Jul-10 BM12+0EASXHS replaces OEM shock 7 702 732 / USE OEM ESA HPA
R 1200 GS Adventure (Rear) ESA, SHOWA Shock 7-Jul-10 BM12-0EASXHS replaces OEM shock 7 702 730/ USE OEM ESA HPA
R 1200 GS Adventure (Front)ESA, WP Shock July10-13 BM12+0EASXHW replaces OEM shock  7 728 210/ USE OEM ESA HPA
R 1200 GS Adventure (Rear) ESA, WP Shock July10-13 BM12-0EASXHW replaces OEM shock  7 728 367/ USE OEM ESA HPA

More info? Check  or contact us at

Yamaha MT-09 with Hyperpro

Yamaha MT-09 is a whole new concept in sport bike design. With a compact new chassis and high-torque 3-cylinder engine, this new generation performance machine is designed for riders who appreciate character and soul.

The beating heart of this new kind of animal is a lightweight 850cc 3-cylinder engine that kicks out a wide band of raw, linear torque giving outstanding acceleration that gets your adrenaline flowing.

And for agile handling this dynamic new naked motard-style bike is equipped with a compact aluminium chassis and upright riding position that make light work of everything – from weekday urban riding through to Sunday morning blasts. (source Yamaha website)


Though we found this bike a good one to upgrade its suspension. By equip the MT-09 with a Hyperpro Spring kit or even better with a Hyperpro Street Box you will get the most out of this new Naked Motard!

Hyperpro_Combikit_Products_Black_Spring_v01 (1024x683)achtergrond website_2

We will also supply a lowering package to lower the bike a little for better handling at zero-speed.


Hyperpro on Eicma 2015 NEWS

Hyperpro Suspension Technology was on Eicma 2015.

This show was a big success. We introduced some interesting products to our distributors and will bring them to market soon.Our products are always related to safety and comfort for the motorcyclist. And this all with high quality standards.

IMG_8713  eicma stand 3


Did you know that all our shocks are quality checked one by one? And that we keep file of every single shock? We test every single shock, even those we supply to you in the STREETBOX, on a shock dyno test bench to secure you get the best!
The bikes we showed on Eicma this year

Ducati Scrambler:

IMG_8735 IMG_8742

460 and 461 full adjustable shock and front springs. Also available as a STREETBOX!


BMW RnineT:

IMG_8762   IMG_8703 IMG_8738
Steering Damper
Full adjustable 463 shock with hydraulic preload adjuster and front springs

Honda Fireblade:

Steering Damper
Full adjustable 463 shock, with length adjuster



  • Hyperpro Steering Damper application for Yamaha YZF R3 available from now on. Goes together with our 68mm stroke steering damper.

49mm IMG_8746

  • 49mm diameter Conventional Front Fork, with high/low speed compression adjustment, rebound adjustment, preload adjustment. Fitting for Harley models in the Dyna and Touring range. Coming 2016.

xsr700   Hyperpro_Combikit_Products_Black_Spring_v01 (1024x683)

  • Front fork springs for Yamaha XSR700 and lowering kit -20mm for Yamaha XSR700. Available now.


Hyperpro for the Yamaha MT-09 Tracer

Recently Yamaha introduced the higher brother of the MT-09, the MT-09 Tracer.
Hyperpro now has suspension upgrades available for this bike as well.
All kits will improve the handling of the Tracer, so you will get more out of your bike.

available are:
Front spring kit with oil. Art. nr: SP-YA09-SSA011
Rear replacement spring. Art. nr: SP-YA09-SSB011
Combikit (front&rear). Art. nr: SP-YA09-SSC011
Streetbox! (complete shock and frontspringkit with oil) Art. Nr: SB-YA09-6AD
460 type shock absorber Art. nr: YA09-6AD
461 type shock absorber Art. nr: YA09-1AD


The YAMAHA MT-07 STREETBOX! is available!

The MT-07 STREETBOX! is available! for the Yamaha MT-07

The MT-07 has a complete new type of shock: the 465.
This features a remote reservoir WITHOUT compression adjusters.


Since the shock of the MT-07 is constructed inside the frame in a very horizontal position and has just a little bit of stroke, the Hyperpro Sales specialists created a new type of shock, which places a reservoir to divide the gas from oil, on a different spot. To save costs for this “interesting budget” bike, we will offer this without the more expensive compression adjuster. the shock features manual preload adjustment and rebound adjustment

In the MT-07 STREETBOX! = shock + forksprings & oil at good price! (ref. SB-YA07-5AE)

Also: due to less quality of the original shock of the MT-07, we will not be making a replacement shock spring for this bike.


Fork springs and Rearshock are also available seperately…

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if you need more information, please sent an email to, or contact one of our distributors in your country. You can find them in the “where to buy”  section by clicking this link “Distributors”

Suspension for Kawasaki Z800

Hyperpro developed its full line suspension setup  for the new 2013 Kawasaki  Z800.

In our program we have the frontfork springkit and an emulsion shock, type 460 for perfect daily use. If you are using more the racetrack, we have a nice performance racing shock type 463, with high/ low speed adjustment and hydraulic preload.


For the Z800 we also offer the steering damper and mounting kit to have the perfect solution against wobbling and tankslappers,… and it looks great!

z800 sdz800sd2

Hyperpro – Safety and Control!