The last few years BMW has been extensively busy with the development and production of attractive, new motorcycles. One of their latest developments is the brand new G 310 R. This lightweight, nimble handling, attractively styled motorcycle will naturally appeal to novice riders.
BMW G310R Shock
For this motorcycle Hyperpro has developed an extensive range of suspension products.  As a first step Hyperpro developed a progressive spring kit which replaces the original fork springs and the spring on the OEM shock absorber. This spring kit improves cornering and comfort and reduces brake distance.

BMW G310R HPAFor the demanding rider Hyperpro also developed an emulsion shock absorber and a fully adjustable shock absorber which offers adjustable rebound and adjustable high / low speed damping.


The Hyperpro Streetbox offers the best value for money as it combines the progressive front springs with the 460 emulsion shock absorber. This combination assures great handling and comfort at the best possible price.


Developed products are:

  • Progressive front springs                                          € 125,- retail excl. VAT
  • Progressive rear spring                                             € 90,- retail excl. VAT
  • Combikit ( progressive springs front+rear)               € 215,- retail excl. VAT
  • 460 Emulsion shock absorber                                  € 409,- retail excl. VAT
  • 467 fully adjustable shock absorber                         € 669,- retail excl. VAT
  • Streetbox                                                                  € 480,- retail excl. VAT

A lowering spring kit is being developed and will be presented on a short notice.

More info on info@hyperpro.com or with your local distributor!

Hyperpro Suspension for the new Kawasaki Z650 2017!

Last year Kawasaki presented the brand new Z650 as a replacement for the popular ER-6 (NINJA 650). The bike has been completely changed from the inside as well as from the inside and looks great.

Kawasaki Z650 2017

In order to make the bike ride as sharp as it looks, Hyperpro developed  a wide range of suspension products for the Z650.

Hyperpro_Combikit_Products_Purple_Spring_v02 (1024x683)


The easiest way to upgrade the suspension is to install a set of Hyperpro progressive springs front and rear.



Another option is to install the progressive front springs in combination with a Type 460 or Type 461 shock absorber in order to create the perfect ride.


Height adjustment:

To make the bike accessible for smaller people, Hyperpro also developed a lowering spring kit, containing progressive springs which lowers the bike 25mm.

Hyperpro Lowering option for Yamaha MT-07 / FZ-07 Tracer

Hyperpro Suspension Technology is offering a complete package for the Yamaha MT-07 Tracer (FZ-07 Tracer).

FZ-07 Tracer
Yamaha MT-07 Tracer

Hyperpro already offers a rear shock, a spring set and a Streetbox for this bike.

Now available is an upgrade spring set, which lowers the bike with 25 mm. This can be done by only changing the rear spring on the OEM shock and changing the front fork springs.


A great feature for all those riders who do like this MT-07 Tracer, but would like to fit on the bike more easy and gain more trust and confidence while riding.


Reference is SP-YA07-SSC023 and available with a purple or black spring.


For more info, contact your local dealer or check on the where to buy section where to go to!


Hyperpro for Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin

The Honda Africa Twin placed his footmarks very quickly last months. Not only received very well in the magazines, but also appreciated very much by the motorcyclists. As a real Adventure bike, it has all capacities to enjoy the Africa Twin owner. Hyperpro developed a full suspension range for this bike.


The suspension specialists from the Netherlands designed a rising rate springs fitting on the OEM shock, which rise the bike with 2 cm’s. Doing this we managed to configurate a better handling, more stable ride and using the range of capacity in the bike to adjust it to the correct suspension setting. Of course Hyperpro used their knowledge to also offer a lowering option by changing the springset to a seat lowering of 35mm.

height adjustment Hyperpro_Combikit_Products_Purple_Spring_v02 (1024x683)

To even upgrade the bike more, Hyperpro is offering a full adjustable type 461 shock, a type 460 emulsion shock and for the commuters and occasionally riders a Hyperpro Streetbox, containing a front fork springset, front fork oil and a type 460 emulsion shock.



Yamaha MT-09 with Hyperpro

Yamaha MT-09 is a whole new concept in sport bike design. With a compact new chassis and high-torque 3-cylinder engine, this new generation performance machine is designed for riders who appreciate character and soul.

The beating heart of this new kind of animal is a lightweight 850cc 3-cylinder engine that kicks out a wide band of raw, linear torque giving outstanding acceleration that gets your adrenaline flowing.

And for agile handling this dynamic new naked motard-style bike is equipped with a compact aluminium chassis and upright riding position that make light work of everything – from weekday urban riding through to Sunday morning blasts. (source Yamaha website)


Though we found this bike a good one to upgrade its suspension. By equip the MT-09 with a Hyperpro Spring kit or even better with a Hyperpro Street Box you will get the most out of this new Naked Motard!

Hyperpro_Combikit_Products_Black_Spring_v01 (1024x683)achtergrond website_2

We will also supply a lowering package to lower the bike a little for better handling at zero-speed.