Welcome to the perfect world!

A spring is an essential part of the motorcycle. It has to keep the motorcycle, with rider, passenger, luggage in the correct riding position and keep the wheels in contact with the road, while shifting up, while braking, while cornering, on the straight, in short, in every circumstance.

During those circumstances, the need of the rate of the spring in ideal situation is changing continuously.

Therefore Hyperpro designed the rising rate progressive springs. Not only for the front fork, but also for the rear suspension. Using the correct springs gives you better a balance and control, a shorter and more controlled braking distance, an improved bump absorption, better load capacity and the possibility to adjust the ride height of the bike.

Fortunately, this perfect world exists. Hyperpro produces rising spring rate springs where the first part can be easily compressed, and where compression of the last part is much harder. Also, we design springs that fluently give you the comfortableness or the harness you need at the right time while riding the bike. Learn all about the benefits on this page!

HYPERPRO springs give you

  • shorter braking distance
  • better balance of the bike
  • more comfortable riding, even with passenger
  • easier cornering
  • dramatically improved tire life
  • more grip in dry or wet weather
  • more confidence; it makes your ride more comfortable and/or faster
  • overall sense of confidence in the bike

our products are KBA/TÜV/GTU approved

Our products are supplied in “plug and play” kits including all information to install and adjust the suspension of the specific motorcycle… your motorcycle!

Front Fork Spring Kit

The Hyperpro front fork springs are mainly progressive to give the best performance.
The progressive spring kit comes with:
- front fork spring(s)
- fork oil
- installing manual together with setup data

Rear Shock Spring Kit

The Hyperpro shock spring is designed to fit on the OEM shock and replaces the OEM spring to fit your needs.
The rear shock spring kit comes with:
-rear spring (available in purple or black colour)
-installation manual together with setup data


The Hyperpro Combi Kit is the most cost-effective suspension improvement package available for your bike.
The combi spring kit comes with:
- front fork spring(s)
- fork oil
- rear spring (available in purple or black colour)
- installation manual together with setup data

See our catalogue for your application:

Hyperpro Catalogue