Hyperpro Suspension for the new Kawasaki Z650 2017!

Last year Kawasaki presented the brand new Z650 as a replacement for the popular ER-6 (NINJA 650). The bike has been completely changed from the inside as well as from the inside and looks great.

Kawasaki Z650 2017

In order to make the bike ride as sharp as it looks, Hyperpro developed  a wide range of suspension products for the Z650.

Hyperpro_Combikit_Products_Purple_Spring_v02 (1024x683)


The easiest way to upgrade the suspension is to install a set of Hyperpro progressive springs front and rear.



Another option is to install the progressive front springs in combination with a Type 460 or Type 461 shock absorber in order to create the perfect ride.


Height adjustment:

To make the bike accessible for smaller people, Hyperpro also developed a lowering spring kit, containing progressive springs which lowers the bike 25mm.

Hyperpro for the new Kawasaki Z1000SX 2017!

The brand new Z 1000 SX has hardly been introduced or Hyperpro has already developed  several suspension upgrades for this iconic motorcycle.

kawasaki z1000sx 2017

The Z 1000 SX is already on the market since 2011 and is considered as one of the best bikes in the sport-touring segment. Although it was already a great bike, Kawasaki managed to improve the bike again for 2017 and now Hyperpro offers the products to make a great bike perfect!

Therefore Hyperpro developed the following suspension products;

  • Progressive front and rear springs.
  • 466 emulsion shock absorber
  • 461 fully adjustable shock absorber
  • Streetbox (466 shock absorber & progressive front springs)

The progressive spring kit offers great value for money and will greatly improve steering and comfort.

Hyperpro_Combikit_Products_Purple_Spring_v02 (1024x683)

The next level would be to install a Streetbox which contains progressive front fork springs and a 466 emulsion shock absorber.



For riders who look for top level gear we also offer our 461 fully adjustable shock absorber which we advise to combine with our progressive front springs.

Hyperpro_Springkit_v01 (1024x683)Hyperpro__Shock_461_01_v01

More info through your local dealer or distributor, www.hyperpro.com or info@hyperpro.com

Suspension for Kawasaki Z800

Hyperpro developed its full line suspension setup  for the new 2013 Kawasaki  Z800.

In our program we have the frontfork springkit and an emulsion shock, type 460 for perfect daily use. If you are using more the racetrack, we have a nice performance racing shock type 463, with high/ low speed adjustment and hydraulic preload.


For the Z800 we also offer the steering damper and mounting kit to have the perfect solution against wobbling and tankslappers,… and it looks great!

z800 sdz800sd2

Hyperpro – Safety and Control!