Hyperpro Lowering option for Yamaha MT-07 / FZ-07 Tracer

Hyperpro Suspension Technology is offering a complete package for the Yamaha MT-07 Tracer (FZ-07 Tracer).

FZ-07 Tracer
Yamaha MT-07 Tracer

Hyperpro already offers a rear shock, a spring set and a Streetbox for this bike.

Now available is an upgrade spring set, which lowers the bike with 25 mm. This can be done by only changing the rear spring on the OEM shock and changing the front fork springs.


A great feature for all those riders who do like this MT-07 Tracer, but would like to fit on the bike more easy and gain more trust and confidence while riding.


Reference is SP-YA07-SSC023 and available with a purple or black spring.


For more info, contact your local dealer or check on the where to buy section where to go to!


The YAMAHA MT-07 STREETBOX! is available!

The MT-07 STREETBOX! is available! for the Yamaha MT-07

The MT-07 has a complete new type of shock: the 465.
This features a remote reservoir WITHOUT compression adjusters.


Since the shock of the MT-07 is constructed inside the frame in a very horizontal position and has just a little bit of stroke, the Hyperpro Sales specialists created a new type of shock, which places a reservoir to divide the gas from oil, on a different spot. To save costs for this “interesting budget” bike, we will offer this without the more expensive compression adjuster. the shock features manual preload adjustment and rebound adjustment

In the MT-07 STREETBOX! = shock + forksprings & oil at good price! (ref. SB-YA07-5AE)

Also: due to less quality of the original shock of the MT-07, we will not be making a replacement shock spring for this bike.


Fork springs and Rearshock are also available seperately…

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if you need more information, please sent an email to info@hyperpro.com, or contact one of our distributors in your country. You can find them in the “where to buy”  section by clicking this link “Distributors”