Hyperpro for the Suzuki GSX 1000 S

The recently introduced Suzuki GSX 1000 S can now be upgraded with Hyperpro suspension, giving much more control over the bike, turning it into a true funbike and/or sportsbike.

available are:
Front spring kit with oil. Art. nr: SP-SU10-SSA022
Rear replacement spring. Art. nr: SP-SU10-SSB022
Combikit (front&rear). Art. nr: SP-SU10-SSC022
Front lowering (25mm) spring kit with oil. Art. nr: SP-SU10-SSA021
Rear lowering (25mm) replacement spring. Art. nr: SP-SU10-SSB021
Combikit lowering (25mm) (front&rear). Art. nr: SP-SU10-SSC021

Streetbox! (complete shock and frontspringkit with oil) Art. Nr: SB-SU10-AJ
460 type shock absorber Art. nr: SU10-0AJ
461 type shock absorber Art. nr: SU10-1AJ

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