Eicma introduction: Hyperpro H43 Front Fork for BMW RnineT

Hyperpro showed the H43 Front Fork for BMW RnineT Pure, Scrambler, Racer and Urban G/S on the EICMA in Milan.


This High end conventional front fork features adjustable high and -low speed compression damping, adjustable rebound and preload damping.


This combined with a genius damping system makes the Fork the best to get in this segment. The H43 Front Fork combines the classic conventional front fork looks together with the highest modern technical specs.


The H43 Front Fork is suitable for the BMW RnineT together with a custom made fitting kit for this bike.


INTERMOT NEWS: Hyperpro H49 | 49mm conventional Front Fork – 2017

The art of suspension is not only making beautiful products, it is also offering beautiful technical solutions. Hyperpro managed to do this again with the H49, conventional 49 mm front fork.

Hyperpro H49 Front Fork
Hyperpro H49 Front Fork

This unique piece of sophisticated development shows its quality in its stylish design and its functional features in the highest league of suspension. Equipped with the following specs, you can’t deny this Front Fork, which is an absolute wannahave for bike lovers.

We cooperated with our HD and Buell specialist R&R Customizing to show our front fork mounted on their RRC FXD-R Dyna Street Bob special.

Available now in full black with DLC coated inner stanchions.
H49-BBB-815 Fork set H49 black/black 815mm €3250,-
830-101-B0 Fender Bracket Street Bob (SET L+R) €260,-
831-105-B0 Caliper adapter OEM Dyna/ Touring L €75,-
831-106-B0 Caliper adapter OEM Dyna/ Touring R €75,-
831-107-B0 Caliper adapter Radial 100mm L €130,-
831-108-B0 Caliper adapter Radial 100mm R €130,-

prices are in Euro ex VAT

H49 Front Fork Feature set:


– 49mm diameter inner tube

– 30mm cartridge

– 30mm rebound piston

– 25mm compression piston

– stepless progressive fork springs

– bump spring

– top out spring

– low friction seals


– adjustable Rebound damping (30 clicks)

– adjustable Low speed Compression damping (30 clicks)

– adjustable High speed Compression damping (30 clicks)

– adjustable Spring Preload (15mm range in 30 clicks)

– all adjustments can be done either by hand or by tool

– all adjusters are fixed height (independent of setting)

RRC FXD-R HD Dyna Street Bob
RRC FXD-R HD Dyna Street Bob


RRC FXD-R HD Dyna Street Bob
RRC FXD-R HD Dyna Street Bob


– Black (DLC) inner tube

– Black outer tube

– Black bottom

– Laser etched logos

Available Lengths:

815mm – H-D DYNA