HYPERPRO ON Motorcycle shows 2012


The first months of the year traditionally are the beginning of the motorcycle season, the period where every country has its Motorshows. Together with its distributors, Hyperpro showed its products and solutions on a lot of this shows.
We have had presentation on the Motorshows in many countries, for example:


Lyon (France),Tournay Distribution
Brno (Czech Republic),Bikers Crown
Birmingham (UK), Performance Parts
Dortmund (Germany), SO Products
Warsaw (Poland),Grandys Duo
Linz (Austria), Haslacher
Utrecht (Netherlands), Hyperpro
Zurich (Switserland), Mizu Schweiz
Gothenborg (Sweden), Bo Ove
Indianapolis (USA), EPM Performance
Bangkok (Thailand), SG Moto


On some shows we displayed a F800GS with a heigt adjustment. People were able to test themselves to see if they could fit the bike they wanted instead of looking for a bike they fitted on, but wasn’t the one the preferred. We showed a height adjustment of -3 cm’s to -8 cm’s by changing only the springs or with -8 cm’s with a shock..
Also the Streetbox was presented, the all in one concept with forksprings, emulsion shock. On avererage it was clear to all visitors that changing the suspension is big deal in improvement of the rideability of the bike and doesn’t cost a fortune! And of course we showed our high end shock line up with 463 full adjustable shock with rebound and high/low compression adjustmen and hydraulic preload.


Thank you all for visiting us!