Fit the bike you want instead of find a bike you fit on with Hyperpro Suspension Technology

height adjustment

It seems that the seat height of bikes is growing more rapidly than we, riders, do. Not fitting the bike properly gives a high feeling of discomfort. Not able to touch the ground while waiting for traffic lights, on a slope or not able to move the bike backwards is a big reason of not feeling comfortable and happy to ride the bike. It even might get you scared to drop the bike you actually liked a lot. The motorcycle aftermarket gives some solutions to prevent this. The most easy used to be, to find a bike that fits you. Or purchase an expensive lowered seat. Some bikes can be lowered with a link system, a cheap and effective solution. But, the modern bikes don’t have this link systems anymore. For example the BMW F800GS is a rather high bike, without a link system.

F800GS _50mm_lowering

Hyperpro is able, due to its progressive build springs, to reduce the height of this bike by simply change the original spring on the rear shock with a special developed “lowering spring” . An easy purchase with a huge improvement of the ride ability of your bike. Hyperpro advices to also lower the front of the bike with a “lowering front fork spring” to get the best solution.

Hyperpro_Combikit_Products_Purple_Spring_v02 (1024x683)

You will achieve two advantaged; you fit the bike you want and due to the Hyperpro progressive springs, you will also improve the suspension of the bike. On the F800GS a lowering with springs of 50mm is possible. More reducing of height even up to 100mm is possible by using a lowering shock.

Good suspension gives you more confidence in the bike, a better balance, shorter and more controlled braking distance, less tirewear, better cornering, even with a passenger or luggage

The height reducing springs are available for a wide range of motorcycles. For more information check with your local dealer, the distributor in your country or check