Hyperpro has a solution for the BMW R1200RT (WATER COOLED) with DYNAMIC ESA

Hyperpro has an Hybrid shock available, which we offer as a Hyperpro 460 emulsion shock with conventional damping adjustment in 40 Clicks, and use the OEM preload adjuster and spring, to have this part of the system keep working in the R1200RT’s display. To avoid any error message for the Dynamic ESA, we supply the kit with a special designed ‘resistor’

DSCN2963 (640x480)

Next to that we will offer a 460 Type emulsion shock for the rear and a 360 Type emulsion shock for the front together with the necessary ‘resistors’ in conventional specs. So every advantage of good damping, adjustment and a improved Hyperpro ‘progressive’ spring. (the Dynamice BMW ESA possibilities will not function in this option)


BMW is recalling the rear shock components for a revision. And will return them in 4-6 weeks they stated. For those riders who cannot wait and/or want to replace the damper unit after the rebuilding by BMW…. We have a solution!!!

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