Hyperpro supplies smart solutions for F800GS and F700GS!

The suspension specialist took care of some hot motorcycles in the market. This time we prepared a good suspension package for both new BMW F800GS and F700GS.


Springs: progressive front fork springs, rear spring for fitment on original shock. To give the bike a better riding, braking, cornering, even with passenger and/or luggage.

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Heigh Adjustment: as the bikes don’t have a link system, Hyperpro is able to lower the bike with lowering springs.

The F800GS goes in steps of -/-20mm and -/-35mm with a spring.

The F700GS takes -/-30mm with a spring and -/-30mm to -/-60mm! with a lowering shock .


So again a better riding, braking, cornering, even with passenger and/or luggage, but on a bike that fits you! Being able to put your feet on the ground in a stable way give more confidence, trust, so more fun during riding the bike you want!


Shocks: both bikes are able to be equipped with a Hyperpro shock; an emulsion type or a full adjustable shock with low/highspeed adjustment.

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For more information check with your local motorcycle dealer or find the distributor in your country on our distributor section or email at info@hyperpro.com



Hyperpro Suspension Technology – Safety and Comfort!

front spring kit



rear spring kit







SP-BM08-SSA024 SP-BM08-SSB024 SP-BM08-SSC024 BMW F 700 GS (ESA) 2013
SP-BM08-SSA025 SP-BM08-SSB025 SP-BM08-SSC025 BMW F 700 GS (ESA) 30 MM LOWER 2013
SP-BM08-SSA026 SHOCK BMW F 700 GS (ESA) 30-60 MM LOWER 2013
SP-BM08-SSA027 SP-BM08-SSB027 SP-BM08-SSC027 BMW F 800 GS (ESA) 2013
SP-BM08-SSA028 SP-BM08-SSB028 SP-BM08-SSC028 BMW F 800 GS (ESA) 20mm lower 2013
SP-BM08-SSA029 SP-BM08-SSB029 SP-BM08-SSC029 BMW F 800 GS (ESA) 35mm lower 2013